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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disable 2FA ?

Your portal account uses 2FA by default which sends you a token to your email every time you log in into the Portal. Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process by making it harder for attackers to gain access to your account, because knowing the victim’s password alone is not enough to pass the authentication check.

If you want to disable 2FA you can go to your account profile.

I didn’t receive any confirmation email and cannot create a new account or reset my password

It may take a few minutes.

The email might be in your spam folder or have been blocked. In some cases, the spam filtering system on your email client might have misidentified the automated email as being spam. Try checking the “Spam” folder in your email inbox.

It’s also possible that your office’s servers might have blocked your email due to security firewalls. In this case, you should ask your IT administrator to allow emails from [portal@cipiemail.net]

  • The url link may have expired. Please request a new one or
  • Some antivirus and malware protection softwares perform an email scanning service, in some cases this scanning service will rewrite the URL. Known malware/antivirus providers that perform this service are:
    • Microsoft Office 365 - Advanced Threat Protection
    • McAfee - ClickProtect
    • Proofpoint - URLDefense Targeted Attack Protection
    • Solution: The service will need to be disabled or emails from the domain cipiemail.net will need to be whitelisted through the service. Please contact your IT department.

I can no longer see my files

Files expire after 30 days upon receiving them. They will be removed from your list and will no longer be accessible. If you need to regain access to the same file please contact the Agency that sent it to you.

I didn’t receive a file that I was supposed to

Please log in into the CIP Portal and double check the file is there. You may have not received an email notifying about the new file. If you see the file but didn’t receive an email, you can change your email preferences to be notified about every single one.

I’m having issues downloading files

Large file downloads may be abruptly interrupted with a “Network error” message. Internet Browsers are not able to handle the download of such large files properly. You can easily resume any interrupted download by:

  1. Manually resuming the interrupted download
  • Safari (Mac):
    • Click the Downloads button in the Safari toolbar (it looks like an arrow pointing downward);
    • Locate the interrupted download, then click the orange circular arrow button;
    • The file should resume downloading.
  • Chrome (Mac / Windows) or Edge (Windows):
    • Go to Options (3 dots button in the Chrome toolbar) and then ‘Downloads’;
    • You should see everything you’ve ever downloaded, including files that have failed to complete;
    • Underneath the source URL of the failed download, you should see a Resume button: Click this and the download should resume where it finished.
  1. Or using a download manager
  • A Download manager resumes any interrupted download automatically and also speeds up the download process considerably
  • You can use any download manager for any platform. One option is Free Download Manager
  • If you use Chrome or Edge you need to install a plugin that integrates with Free Download Manager. Click here.

Can I give somebody else access to my files ?

Yes. You can add collaborators to your account.