Creating and validating a new account

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In order to access your files and/or forms you need to create a new account first.

Go to CIP Portal, click ‘Create an account’ and choose your own username and your email. You then need to validate and activate your account.

The email address you specify in your account must be the same one the CIP Portal sent the notification to

new account

Upon registering, you will receive an email like the following

from:	CIP Portal <>
to:	Your Email

Please click on the link below to activate your CIP Portal account:

For security reasons this link will expire in 3 day(s).

Click on the link to activate your CIP Portal account

Your email program may not display a clickable link, in this case just copy the url content and paste it in your browser

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email, please click here

If you received a confirmation email but the link does not work, please click here